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International Delegations

BIO-Europe Spring® 2015 is proud to welcome international delegations from all over the world. We offer special programs and incentives to support delegation organizers arranging for a group of companies from a particular region or country to participate in the conference. Below we provide information on the advantages of organizing and/or participating in an international delegation as well as details on the incentives we offer to delegates and delegation organizers.

Why organize a delegation to BIO-Europe Spring?

Delegations are typically organized by the industry association and/or regional development agency for a particular region or country. The biggest advantage of a delegation is the visibility that your group, its individual delegates, and hence the region you represent, can achieve during the conference.

Associations can take advantage of the incentive program to drive membership growth by delivering concrete value to biotech R&D companies in your community. Regional development offices will have a targeted opportunity to promote business growth in your region.

The size and quality of BIO-Europe Spring are perfectly conducive to help you and your delegates set and achieve your specific objectives. In addition, BIO-Europe Spring staff has extensive experience working with international delegations and is ready to help you by providing personalized, tailored assistance.

Why participate as part of my country’s delegation?

Your delegation organizer most likely has contacted BIO-Europe Spring staff to arrange for a series of benefits to be offered based on specific objectives that represent your needs and those of your colleagues within the regional community. These benefits—which vary according to levels of sponsorship—may include registration discounts, private meeting room availability, exhibit space, and other attractive opportunities.

Being part of your delegation not only means you can take advantage of these benefits, but also shows the rest of the audience that you represent the most important biotechnology assets that your region boasts.

What are the specific program benefits?

BIO-Europe Spring is pleased to offer a number of benefits to delegates and their delegation organizers. Below is a sample listing of benefits offered to a delegation composed of 20 participants with a sponsorship of EUR 15,000 (Note that this information is subject to change based on availability):

  • Discounted registration fees for all members of the delegation (discount applies to the prevailing registration rate at the time of registering—presentation fees excluded)
  • Preference given to presentation applications from companies in the delegation
  • Recognition as a sponsor in all promotional material plus onsite signage
  • A booth space in the exhibition area

We can work with you to develop other benefits tailored to your specific needs.

What are my responsibilities as an organizer?

As you may know from experience organizing delegations to other biotechnology events worldwide, putting together a delegation requires advance planning and resources. An effective promotional plan and recruitment strategy are crucial to ensure your delegation is visible and effective. BIO-Europe Spring staff will provide you with recommendations and promotional tools for you to recruit companies from your area to the conference. Most important is getting the word out to your companies as early as possible so they can register, add their company profiles, and begin the online partnering process as soon as it opens.

You can rely on BIO-Europe Spring staff every step of the way to make sure your experience delivers the value and quality you and your delegates expect.

For further information, please contact:

Tom Voigt
EBD Group
+1 760 930 0500

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