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BIO-Europe Spring® 2016 Company News

PR Newswire VPO

News Release Distribution and Online Press Kit options for BIO-Europe Spring® 2016

Business Wire offers exhibitors and presenting companies several communications and measurement tools to maximize your public relations efforts including the following:

News release distribution

Distribute your news and related multimedia and reach key media, analysts, relevant trade media, investors and much more worldwide. In addition, all news releases automatically receive the NewsTrak measurement and analytics reports.

With every English-language press release, you'll receive a NUVI social media monitoring report. This detailed report will help you track and understand the social media activity that occurs as a result of your press release.

Online Investor Kit

Go digital and create an easily accessible and shareable online press kit includes its own dedicated wire advisory, social media sharing links, ability to swap files and more starting at EUR 220.

Business Wire hosts the BIO-Europe Spring 2014 news page.

For additional information email /call +1.310.820.9473 or Click here to order services.

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